About Me


I’m happy you found me out in The Blue Nowhere , bad book joke. My name is Nick Kruks and I am a recent graduate of the UVic Elementary PDPP. I am a father of two boys, currently in elementary school, a husband and have been a student and an employee at the University of Victoria prior to my current educational voyage. It’s the complexity and joy my friends and family bring to my life that have influenced me to continue along an educational career path.
Growing up in the small island town of Port Alberni, my passions were always athletics related. From hockey, soccer and baseball as a youth, to golf, skiing and hiking as an adult, I’ve taken that passion and poured it into coaching youth sports for Victoria Minor Hockey and Layritz Minor Baseball.  Through coaching I reaffirmed what truly inspires me, helping young people develop into well rounded successful individuals. There is something to say about job satisfaction and I can’t think of anything more satisfying than helping a child succeed.
Being a father of two boys, I have learned that patience is paramount when dealing with younger children. Lots of patience. Lots…but the payoff is immeasurable. When you see the wheels turning in their minds and witness the spark in their eyes the moment it all clicks into place, it’s nothing short of  breathtaking.
I hope to help others achieve those moments throughout my teaching journey.
Thank you for visiting my site.