3D Printing Project

Three DDD printing has never been so intuitive.

join me on my exploration of 3D design and printing, and let’s see how to build models in a computer world than print them out into our reality!

I finally had my 3d printing tutorial course in the Mearns Centre for Learning. It was interesting to see the actual printers and to find out all about how the filament is used to produce the model from tinkercad.

I don’t know why I never thought about the fine parts of a model needing a structure to support it while being printed. These were easily removed simply by breaking off after to reveal what was modeled in tinkercad. I made a single 6 sided die but will print 2 of them. The cost of something like that….a whopping 80cents. If you didn’t need to go through the process, as I did, of modeling the entire die from start to finish, but instead downloaded a pre modeled form from the web, this would be a significant financial savings.

Filament in action

Amazing use of new printing technologies right on campus!

The Future of prosthetics?

Can we really PRINT people new homes?

45 Minutes of prep time, another 45 of modeling time in tinkercad and here we go….

Two matched blue dice!

They are printed on a base which simply peals/snaps off.

Next I have to make sure they work!

My Dice are a reality! They feel a little bit light but function well
Look Look! Spencer Middle School has their own 3D Printer! YEA!

Here’s the link to Jamie and my 3D Printing Presentation: