Final Presentation Day

Sometimes having kids of your own DOES have benefits…sometimes. Since I do have two kids in school I have had the opportunity to use fresh grade. I can’t say enough about the value of this app. It allows me to keep on top of what my kids are doing weekly in school and what I can talk to them to bring the learning home.

I am a parent who believes the teacher and parents are a team for the child to use for success. This is a tool that allows all 3 parties to stay on the same page throughout the year. No longer do I get the shrug when I ask what happened in class today. Now I show them a picture and ask them to explain it to me. With the conversation started I can dig deeper and continue the learning at home.

This group showed me the benefits of Freshgrade Next, which I can’t wait to use.

I did learn a few tips and tricks from the group like taking pics of small groups and using that pic to write about, which saves time. I think I’ll try to use the app over break and see what’s new.

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